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Makeup cushion foundation with a lightweight texture for comfortable yet beautiful skin all day long


No.1 cushion foundation in the 2017 Hwahae Beauty Awards
Hwahae Beauty Awards is the largest beauty awards in Korea based on real reviews of customers.
  • No. of products analyzed by Hwahae 99,104
  • No. of brands registered 5,702
  • No. of real, forthright reviews2,817,942


  • Daddoa

    I love BLACK CUSHION, the best full-coverage cushion foundation ever ❤

  • Daisy

    It’s the most perfect cushion foundation in the world and I use it all year around! ❤

  • Rosefix

    The must-have cushion foundation that’s light-weighted and seamlessly blending in with the skin

  • HelloRabbit

    It’s been one year since I fell in love with BLACK CUSHION, the most perfect foundation to cover up all my skin imperfections ❤

  • Minsco

    BLACK CUSHION! It’s simply perfect!!! Happy 1st anniversary ❤


    My first year with BLACK CUSHION was just perfect!

  • SOL A

    BLACK CUSHION is the best! I just couldn’t love you more! Do whatever you want you!

  • bbomni

    The cushion revolution – BLACK CUSHION! Praise BLACK CUSHION!

  • Double Soup

    Best coverage and long-lasting cushion foundation ever! Congratulations to BLACK CUSHION for the 1st anniversary ♥

  • Danse Jin

    BLACK CUSHION, I love you to the moon and back!


    Thank you for making my skin look beautiful throughout the year and please, continue to do so for as long as possible ♡

  • Ood

    I’d love to use HERA BLACK CUSHION forever and ever! Happy 1st anniversary! I love you, HERA ♥

  • Coco Riley

    What a masterpiece made by HERA! Congratulations on the 1st anniversary of BLACK CUSHION ❤

  • Holy

    Nothing has or ever will, compare to BLACK CUSHION ❤

  • LeoJ

    I don’t ever remember how many I have used It’s the all-time best cushion foundation ❤